Sara Kardooni Portrait

Hi Gorgeous! My name is Sara and I am a Portrait Photographer.

My Personal Story

I consider myself to be a very lucky person because I have a wonderful life and a fulfilling career. There are many things that bring me joy, but it is the people I love that bring me happiness. My husband Pouyan, my family and my friends are a big part of who I am and their love and support are my day to day inspiration. As a photographer, I use the camera to express my ideas and dreams in a way that challenges my creativity. 

My husband and I share many interests, we both love food, travelling, socializing and discovering new things together. He is my hero, my number one supporter and sometimes acts as my “assistant” on shoots or events! I got serious about photography, after he bought me a digital camera and lenses.

As a child growing up in Iran, I used to look at my Father’s pictures from a trip he took to Paris and dreamt of going there myself one day. After immigrating to Canada and finally getting my “Canadian Passport”, Pouyan surprised me with tickets to Paris for my birthday last year. Nine days … my dream had finally come true! Paris truly is a photographer’s dream, everything was so beautiful and we had the trip of a lifetime. The City of Lights, did not disappoint!

Life as a Photographer 

Other than the people in my life, my true passion is creating unique portraits and capturing beauty through my lens. I became interested in photography as a teenager and later honed my skills as a photographer while studying to be an Architect. I not only achieved a Bachelor Degree in Architecture, I later attended Ryerson University and studied photography.

I feel, photography is not just about “capturing” a moment, but is also about relaying a message that speaks of that moment. Lines, shadows, various shades of colours, every little detail----- these are the elements that speak to me while I am shooting my subject.

In 2014 I had my first photo show along with my two good friends Peter and Ksenia. We call ourselves "3rd Wheel Studios”. In 2016, I discovered one of my favourite photographers "Sue Bryce". She is not only a wonderful inspiration, but changed my approach to photography and the business of photography.